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Church Re-opening

All attendees must abide by the following guidelines:

  1. DO NOT COME TO Divine Liturgy if you have ANY symptoms or if you do not feel well in any way.

  2. Ushers: will be directing & seating people. Please follow their instructions.

  3. Social distancing: 3 feet. People will continue to be seated every other pew.

  4. Masks: those who are fully vaccinated may wear a face-covering and social distance but are no longer required to do so.

  5. The Church will be open from 9 am - 9:45 am ONLY. 

  6. Refrain from shaking hands, hugging, and/or kissing others at any time. Please do not congregate in the aisles or narthex at any time.

  7. Should you wish to light a candle, one will be handed to you by an usher wearing gloves.

  8. Memorial candles may be purchased, and an usher will light and take the candle up front on your behalf. You can continue to purchase memorial candles online.

  9. Venerating of Icons and kissing the priest’s hand is not permitted. You may bow to rather than kiss the Holy Icons in the Narthex, as well as to any other venerations.

  10. Ushers will be dismissing rows to receive Holy Communion and antidoron. 

  11. Concerning the reception of Holy Communion in the Metropolis of Detroit, we will still be using the single spoon. The Metropolis has directed us to follow these guidelines:
    - A disposable napkin will be available for you to hold under your chin. Open your mouth wide, tilt your head up and Father will place the Eucharist into your mouth without the spoon touching your mouth or lips. If the spoon does touch a mouth, Father will stop and sanitize the spoon. 
    Place your communion napkin in the receptacle provided.

  12. The priest will distribute bags with antidoron at the end of the Divine Liturgy. Please refrain from kissing his hand.

  13. There will be no choir or coffee hour. 

We appreciate your understanding and prayers for these temporary restrictions as we do our best to restore our community to regular worship and sacramental participation.

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