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AIF High School application:

AIF Application 2021-2022

Due to Covid 19, high school juniors and seniors for the 2020/2021 year have the option to write 12 reflections on sermons from watching our Sunday Divine Liturgy live stream or watch 12 "Be the Bee" videos on YouTube and write reflections on them. They can regularly attend Catechism School. In addition to these options, they can complete the high school assignment linked below on this page. Sunday in person Divine Liturgy attendance on a regular basis can also be done. Please use the normal application form and acquire signatures for validation. If you choose to do a writing assignment, make sure to email it to the Parish Priest and President of the AIF upon completion.    

Continuing college student AIF applicants: A letter from your parish priest verifying your church attendance prior to the church closure will suffice for the 2020-2021 AIF scholarship continuance. Continuing college students will still have the option of completing the assignment or participating in OCF with a letter from the OCF chaplain.

AIF Requisition Protocol 2020

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AIF College Scholarship Assignment

AIF High School Assignment

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