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Annunciation Investment Fund (AIF)

Definition & Purpose

The Annunciation Investment Fund (AIF) is a fund of professionally managed parishioner contributions that is segregated from the Annunciation Church's operating funds. It is not to be used for day to day operations, salaries, or other items that should normally be funded by the Parish budget.

The AlF exists to provide members of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox community of Dayton, Ohio a way to financially support the charitable, religious, Orthodox Christian-based cultural, and educational goals of the Church.

MDSC Scholarship

The Annunciation Investment Fund has for many years has supported sending the youth of our Parish to Metropolis of Detroit Summer Camp by providing transportation and paying portion of the camp fee. The AIF will now offer an opportunity to earn up to full camp expense based on Catechism school attendance.  The details are below: 

Metropolis of Detroit Summer Camp Scholarship AIF Vesting Program

Phase 1 - Camper Registration

Parents who are Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church  members in good standing will receive a $350 scholarship per child for 1 week of MDSC


Phase 2 - Reimbursement of Remaining Tuition

Any child that attended camp and the parents remain in good standing will be eligible for reimbursement up to 100% of the remaining tuition cost of camp.


*Members in good standing as defined by the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Uniform Parish Regulations and ultimately at the discretion of AIF.
*Disbursement will be at the ultimate discretion of the AIF.

Important Documents



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