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Liturgical Ministries


The Annunciation Choir leads the faithful in singing the liturgical hymns and responses during the Divine Services. They are a part of the Mid-Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Choirs (MEFGOX) and participate in the annual conference. The choir also makes annual trips to our parish’s shut-ins at Christmas to sing Christmas Carols and Hymns. Our choir consists of voices of all ages, as we encourage our youth to participate in glorifying God through song. 

The choir practices weekly on Thursday evening. Those interested in joining should speak with the director, Kathy Cooney.


anyone who wishes to learn to chant should speak with Fr. Anthony to begin the process of learning the skills needed at the Stand.


This essential ministry of the Church is overseen by Harriet Argue. Please speak with her if you would like to become an Usher.

Altar Group

Young men (in the Altar) & young women (in the Nave and Narthex) serve the Lord & His Church. Watch for more information shortly!

Administrative Ministries

Parish Council 

Parish Council members serve 3-year terms, with 5 members up for election each year. Those interested in being nominated at the Fall General Assembly should contact the Nominations Committee.


The Parish Council is made up of committees (Maintenance, Stewardship, Social, etc) - These committees conduct much of the work of the parish; they are led by PC members, but members of the community are welcome to participate. If you are interested in serving, please speak to the PC president.

Greek Festival

This is the single largest event held by the parish each year. We always need many volunteers for all the associated tasks, especially the vital leadership positions that lay the groundwork for the Festival year round. Please contact the PC President or the Festival Board of Directors if you are willing and able to help in any capacity!

Youth & Young Adult Ministries 

Sunday Catechism School

Our Sunday School program runs from September through May, offering children preschool age through twelfth grade an opportunity to learn and grow in their Orthodox faith. Families will attend the Divine Liturgy and after the reception of Holy Communion, children will exit and attend classes where they are engaged by a curriculum that begins with learning the fundamentals of Orthodoxy and culminates in discussions of ethics and preparation for life as an Orthodox Christian young adult. 


We are always in need of teachers, both full time and substitute; if you are interested, please contact the Catechism School directors at

Greek School

Greek School is a Greek language and culture education program for children of ages four through thirteen. There are nine levels of learning including preschool. Curriculum goals include developing vocabulary and confidence in speaking/writing skills, as well as exposing the students to various topics of the Greek culture. Students also attend the computer lab to support classroom learning. 


Classes take place in the classrooms of the Community Center of our church on Monday evenings, from the end of September to the end of May. Classes meet from 5:30 to 7:30 pm with a brief recess period.

Registration for the upcoming (2024-2025) School Year are open now.


To contact the Greek School directors, email


Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) was founded as a religious movement for Orthodox teenagers. Its fundamental characteristics are Diakonia (Service), Martyria (Witness), Liturgia (Worship), and Koinonia (Fellowship). Youth Ministry is concerned with the Christ centered experience of the total person. The purpose of GOYA is to direct youth members to become worthy servants of our Lord, Jesus Christ within the Orthodox Christian faith. The fellowship with other GOYANS in religious, educational, service, social, athletic and cultural activities should always reflect our faith and morals.

They meet monthly after Catechism School, hold various fun activities, and volunteer all year at parish events. They also host our yearly basketball tournament! Please contact the GOYA advisors to be added to the contact list.


Holy Orthodox Primary Education, (HOPE) ministers to children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Junior Orthodox Youth, (JOY) ministers to children in 3rd through 6th grade. The mission and goal of the HOPE/JOY ministry is to lead our young people into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith. By developing a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and becoming active sacramental members of the living church, our young people will be equipped with tools necessary to assist them in their journey toward salvation. By laying a foundation of faith at this age, the young people will have something that will guide and strengthen them as they progress into junior high and high school.

This ministry meets roughly monthly for activities, both at the Church and elsewhere.


We are seeking interested mothers of infants to build this ministry

Oratorical Festival

The St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival is a nationwide Department of Religious Education (DRE) ministry of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America that centers around faith, education, and fellowship. Greek Orthodox youth participants present speeches discussing the faith and the Church through exploring and deepening their faith while honing their speech writing and public speaking skills. National finalists earn sizeable monetary awards, and finalists at all four levels earn scholarships. The Oratorical Festival was established in 1983, by DRE Director Ernest Villas and Minerva Stergianopoulos, and began in 1984.


The festival is held each spring for 7th-12th grade students. 

Youth Singers

Young people are preparing to lead a Holy Week service in ‘24

Greek Dance Groups

Do you enjoy Greek dancing?  We have a group for you. The groups perform at many events, but three of the major performances are Greek Independence Day, Dayton's A World Affair, and the Greek Festival. 


Groups are:

Evzonakia (kindergarten-4th grade)

Levendopeda (5th grade-8th grade)

Nisiotes (9th grade-12th grade)

Aegeans, college group

Ellas, adult group 

Maids of Athena/Sons of Pericles

Are you between the ages of 14 and 28 with an interest in Hellenism, education, philanthropy and friendship?

The Maids of Athena is an international philanthropic and fraternal organization. The Maids of Athena is a junior order of the Daughters of Penelope, which is the women's affiliate of AHEPA. We have chapters and districts located throughout the United States and Canada. Each chapter is dedicated to promoting Hellenism by strengthening Greek culture through educational and artistic activities. We take great pride in our sponsorship and support of philanthropic activities, leadership conferences, scholarship programs, travel opportunities the arts, athletic tournaments and social functions. The Maids of Athena have opportunities to do everything you could want to do, as well as meet people with whom to share these experiences. Scholarships are awarded, leadership and organizational skills learned and practiced.

Click for more about the Sons of Pericles

Catechetical Ministries

Monday Adult Catechism Class

For inquirers and catechumens, this class meets each Monday to discuss the essentials of the Christian Faith.

Wednesday Bible Study

For all the Faithful, this class discusses selections from the Old & New Testaments and other elements of the Church's tradition. This group meets via Zoom.

Religious Education Initiative - REI

A family guide that provides weekly reading selections and daily prayer text. These readings are intended for use in the home by Orthodox Christian families, as well as in catechetical schools in the parishes.


Click the following link to view the materials: Religious Education Initiative.

Speakers Committee

This group of parish leaders from all ministries/organizations arranges workshops, talks, and presentations throughout the year.

Adult Ministries


American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) was founded on July 26, 1922, and is  the oldest and largest Greek heritage membership organization in the United States. AHEPA's mission is to support Greek-American charities, causes, and communities. AHEPA brings the ideals of ancient Greece: philanthropy, education, civic responsibility, and family and individual excellence to the community. Although a majority of the membership is composed of Americans of Greek descent, anyone who believes in the mission of the organization can apply. 

AHEPA operates an apartment building,  funds scholarships for young people, and actively support parish life in countless ways.

Daughters of Penelope

The Daughters of Penelope are to promote Hellenism, education, philanthropy, civic responsibility,  family and individual excellence. The organization encourages and promotes loyalty to the country in which they live; cultivates the ideals and traditions of Hellenism; promotes opportunities of education; and promotes the spirit of cooperation and works closely and in harmony with the whole AHEPA Family – AHEPA, Daughters of Penelope, Maids of Athena and Sons of Pericles. The Daughters of Penelope is a leader in philanthropic, educational and cultural activities with local chapters in the United States, Canada, Greece and Cyprus.


This group, working closely with AHEPA and the parish, funds scholarships, and serves all.

Ladies Fellowship Lunch Group (formerly GAPA)

GAPA, which stands for Greek American Progressive Association was a long existing group that started for men, women, and young women of our parish. Over the years, it became our GAPA women's group. GAPA women was a very active group that held such events as the Mother's Day Tea, cooking shows, many years of the White Christmas Ball and then held several New Year's Eve dances. For 25 years, GAPA women made 150 pans of pastitsio for the festival. They also made and sold trigona each fall. With those proceeds they were able to purchase the draperies for the stage, nursey furniture, kitchen oven, round tables for the community center, lobby furniture and items for the altar. The biggest undertaking was the Athenagoras Room. It took six years of making 500 pans of spanakopita and tiropita to raise money for this major renovation project which cost $61,000.


GAPA Women numbers have declined over the years and the remaining members have decided to disband the group and become the Fellowship Lunch Group which is open to any women in our community. We will be meeting for lunch once a quarter for fellowship & a nice meal together at area restaurants.

Young at Heart (YAH)

 Young At Heart is a social group for senior citizens, which meets for monthly luncheons sponsored by the other Church's organizations. Activities include BINGO, speakers, or other entertainment and involvement in community philanthropies. 

Welcoming Committee

This group helps inquirers and new members to connect to our worship and our community.

Young Adult/Young Couples/Young Parents Ministries

We are seeking interested young adults, couples, and parents to establish and build these ministries.

Philanthropic Ministries


The Philoptochos mission is to help human suffering, wherever the need arises and minister to those impoverished materially, emotionally and spiritually. Philoptochos emphasizes institutions of the Church, the philanthropies of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and assistance to Greek and Greek Orthodox families. Involvement in social and moral issues encouraged the establishment of several committees to address topics such as child abuse prevention, domestic violence, homelessness, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse and aging. Philoptochos is a group of like-minded women who participate in worthwhile efforts to help others in need. We see the benefit of what we do by raising awareness of a different charity each month through hands on work, financial support and spiritual involvement. 

This group's membership group meets once a month at the church. 

Missions & Outreach Committee

This group works to build new avenues of outreach and service to the Dayton community including volunteering at Hannah's Treasure Chest and running a tutoring program during the school year. 

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