Congratulations on your engagement! Being married in the Orthodox faith is a sacrament of the Church in which the love you share as a couple is blessed.  



At least one of the petitioners must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing in Annunciation Greek Orthodox Parish, or they must present a letter of good standing signed by their parish priest where they are a member in good standing in order to book a wedding date.  



It must be verified that the sponsor of the couple is a member/steward of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church or another Orthodox Church and that they are in canonical good standing. 



Both petitioners will need records of: 

Date of birth, city and state/country of birth, and current age

Current address


Date of baptisms

Father's name

Father's country of birth

Father’s religion

Mother's name

Mother's country of birth

Mother’s religion

Have you ever been married before in the Orthodox Church, another Church, or civilly?

At what age did you arrive in the US?  

Are you related to one another by blood or through the marriage of another relative? 


If a petitioner is divorced a copy of your divorce judgment must be presented as well as a copy of your ecclesiastical divorce from an Orthodox Metropolis if Orthodox.  


If the Orthodox bride or groom is from another metropolis or parish or came to the United States from abroad after their 16th birthday, a "Pistopioitikon Eleftherogamias" will be required from the Metropolis he or she was born in and signed by the Metropolitan or his designated agent.




During your time of sacramental preparation for matrimony, you will have several books and supplemental texts to read. You will create a financial plan as finances are the number one cause of divorce. Lastly, you will regularly attend Divine Liturgy twice a month at a minimum unless work forbids this. The most integral part of marriage preparation is in the worship of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ within the context of His Divine Liturgy. As a couple, you are seeking His blessing in your life. 


All marriages are scheduled six months in advance.  


In the case of all marriages between an Orthodox Christian and the non-Orthodox person, the couple must sign a promissory letter stating that all children born from the marriage will be baptized and spiritually reared in the Orthodox Church by Archdiocesan mandate.    


A civil wedding license must be presented to the Church office one week prior to the marriage so that it can be prepared for signatures the day of the wedding. A marriage cannot be celebrated without this document. It should be obtained from the county clerk’s office in your county of residence. A civil wedding license is good for up to sixty days prior to your wedding day.


Weddings are not performed:

January 5 and 6 The Holy Theophany  

Great Lent and Holy Week

August 1 to 15 The Dormition Fast of the Birthgiver of God

August 29 The Beheading of St. John the Baptist

September 14 The Elevation of the Holy Cross

The Nativity Fast

The day before feast days

Holy Days of the Lord

NOTE: Exceptions to the above can only be made by the Metropolitan of the Diocese. 


Visiting Orthodox clergy may attend with the permission of the parish priest and the Metropolis of Detroit. If the parish priest is not informed, the visiting Orthodox clergy will not be allowed to participate. Non-Orthodox clergy are not allowed to participate in Orthodox sacraments.



Additional Information For the Sacrament of Matrimony.


Still photography is preferred. All photographers are asked to consult with the parish priest prior to the wedding or baptism.



Classical music instruments and the Church organ may be used at your wedding.  All music must be approved by the Parish Priest. Soloists may be used with Parish Priest approval as well.



The choice of flowers is yours. No ribbons, decorations or flowers may be affixed to the ends of the pews without prior approval. All floral arrangements must be free standing. All flowers, candlelabra, etc. must be removed from the Church immediately following your sacrament.


No rice, popcorn, birdseed, flower petals, koufeta, etc. should be thrown within the walls of our complex. This is a safety issue. Flower girls are allowed to disperse flower petals as they accompany the bride. No balloons are permitted in the sanctuary. The above mentioned items can be thrown or used outside.


Please show respect for the building we support and maintain. We ask that you properly dispose of all boxes, plastic bags, garment bags, flower packaging, etc.



Wedding party attire must be appropriate for a Church service.



A cantor fee is required for weddings of $75.00. 


Non-members (non-stewards) of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church will pay a fee of $350.00 for weddings. Only the parish priest can waive the fee.






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